L Sectional Sofas, Sectional sofa positionNot only able to outsmart the limited size of the room, angled sofa is also familiarizing atmosphere. Sectional sofa has a large enough size. So, we must set in such a way as to available area enough to put it. One of the easiest ways to arrange is to place the sofa against the wall. Even so, we need to be very clever to place it, so do not give negative effects.

Placing a sectional sofa against the wall on one side can provide a wider space in the middle of the room. With such activity in the middle of the area can take place more comfortable. Thus, in addition to placing a table with a larger size, there may also be held carpet that could make the atmosphere even more intimate.

On the other hand, putting sectional couch against the wall brings negative effects. For example, because of damp walls, a couch against the wall even then can follow-damp. This condition makes the couch is not healthy and easily damaged. To avoid this, give a distance of about 10cm-40cm between the couch and the wall. This makes the distance between the couch did not directly attached to the wall, and protected from damp. In addition, the distance is also easier for us in cleaning the area behind the couch.

Almost all of the sectional sofa can be placed close to the wall. However, for close to a corner of the room, you should use a couch L. Sofa is more accurately placed in the corner because 90derajat angled shape, just like a corner of the room. Because of this, the number of seat sofa can be more. Once placed, this sofa can be used by 2-3 people. Even if you like, one side of this couch can be used as a place to lie down. With so residents will become more familiar because of it.

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